• Why Choose Invisalign for a Straighter Smile?

    Many people who want to benefit from a straighter smile seek out ways to avoid wearing traditional braces, as this option can be inconvenient and make people feel even more self- conscious about their teeth. If this sounds like you, then consider seeing your dentist about Invisalign clear braces in Austin . Read on to learn why you should choose this option for a straighter smile.

    You can still enjoy your favorite foods.

    Are dietary restrictions leaving you on the fence about straightening your smile with braces? If so, then Invisalign may be the right option for you. This clear aligner system allows you to continue to enjoy all the foods and drinks that you love because you simply take out your aligners whenever you eat or drink.

    You can stick with your oral hygiene routine.

    Choosing Invisalign invisible braces for your straighter smile also means that you won’t have tochange the ways that you floss and brush your teeth. Unlike with traditional braces, you canremove your Invisalign aligner and then floss and brush your teeth just as you do now. For this reason, Invisalign can be a convenient option for people who want a smile that is free of crooked or gapped teeth.

    You can look forward to great results.

    If you’re concerned that Invisalign won’t be able to help you achieve the smile that you want, then don’t be. Individuals who are good candidates for this treatment and who wear their aligners as directed can look forward to achieving teeth that are in better alignment. In fact, Invisalign can address many of the cases that traditional braces can, such as gapped or crowded teeth and overbites, underbites, open bites, and crossbites.

    You can show your teeth with confidence.

    Invisalign aligners are made of a clear material that is nearly invisible against your teeth. This means that compared to other teeth straightening options, Invisalign can be less obvious and go unnoticed by others. If you want a straighter smile but wish to avoid the look of traditional braces, then choosing Invisalign may be right for you.

  • Top Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

    Are you considering seeing a dentist about dental implants in Austin? If so, and if you’re wondering if this solution may be right for you, then read on to learn the top reasons to replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

    Long-Term Convenience

    Today, many people are turning to teeth implants as a better solution for replacing missing teeth because unlike dentures and bridges, these restorations are inserted into the jaw to replace the root of the tooth that was lost. Then, a natural-looking crown is placed on top of the implant. The combination of these features offers patients a way to permanently fill in gaps in their smile with restorations that function much like their original teeth.

    Your Oral Health

    Missing teeth is more than a cosmetic issue. When you no longer have teeth where you are supposed to, this can cause food and bacteria to accumulate where they might not normally and make it more difficult for you to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Also, each of your teeth helps to keep the surrounding ones in place. When one or more of your teeth are missing, this can allow neighboring teeth to drift out of position. Over time, this problem can cause uneven spacing of your teeth that can affect the look and health of your smile. Because dental implants can serve a permanent replacement for lost teeth, they offer you an ideal way to avoid problems like these.

    A Better Smile

    If your smile has gaps that cause you to hesitate to laugh or introduce yourself to others, then you have yet another excellent reason to consider replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. After all, having a smile that you feel proud of can be a great confidence booster and help you feel more comfortable about laughing with and talking to others. If you can benefit from a beautiful smile that you enjoy sharing with others, consider speaking to your dentist about dental implants.

  • Stop Hiding Your Smile

    Do missing or crooked teeth prevent you from smiling and laughing when you want to? If so, then come and see us at Cloud Dental, where we offer one-day smile makeovers and can help you obtain the smile that you’ve always wanted thanks to CEREC® same-day crowns, bridges, and dental implants in Austin.

    Some of the common aesthetic dental issues that our same-day treatments can address include crowded or gapped teeth and teeth that are worn down, chipped, cracked, or discolored. If you suffer from any of the issues, then a one-day smile makeover using CEREC® technology may be an excellent option for you.

    When you visit Cloud Dental for a one-day smile makeover, your dentist will evaluate your teeth to determine what CEREC® products your smile could benefit from. Then, after discussing your treatment with you, your dentist will take digital images of your teeth which will be used to create your same-day restorations. To learn more about our one-day smile makeovers, please visit our website.

  • Oral Health During Pregnancy for You and Your Newborn

    Did you know that regular visits to your family dentist in Austin can be particularly important when you are pregnant? Pregnancy can affect your oral health in several ways. For example, pregnancy can cause dry mouth for some women, which can put them at a greater risk of tooth decay. Also, the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can make your gums more vulnerable to inflammation and gingivitis. For this reason, although once daily flossing and twice daily brushing are always important for your dental health, good oral hygiene can be even more vital during pregnancy.

    Finally, because evidence suggests that having gum disease during pregnancy may affect things like birth weight and the likelihood of premature birth, taking steps to promote your oral health now may help promote the health of your newborn. Seeing your dentist for checkups and cleanings during this time can help prevent issues like pregnancy gingivitis and promote the health of your teeth and gums throughout your pregnancy.

  • Teen Testimonial: Invisalign Aligners Are Easy to Wear

    For teens who want straighter teeth, braces are not the only option. Invisalign can provide the same results as braces, without some of the more challenges that come with wearing metal brackets and wires. Your dentist in Austin can help you decide if braces or Invisalign is right for you.

    Watch this video to hear directly from teens who wear Invisalign. They find the aligners easy to wear, and they appreciate that they can be removed for eating and brushing. Because the aligners are removable, no foods are off-limits as they are with braces. You can also take out the aligners when you are competing in sports, which reduces the risk of mouth injuries than can occur in teen athletes with braces. The best way to find out which treatment is right for you is to see your dentist for advice.

  • Spotlight on Single Tooth Implants

    No matter the reason for the loss of a tooth, having a gap in your smile can affect your appearance and self-confidence. If you’ve lost a tooth and are interested in getting a dental implant in Austin , then continue reading for a quick overview of single tooth implants.

    The Single Tooth Implant

    It’s not uncommon for people to think of dental implants as alternatives to dentures, but these restorations are far more versatile than that. Dental implants are not just for individuals who have lost several or all of their teeth, but for those who have only one missing tooth, as well. Single tooth implants are dental implants that are used to replace one lost tooth or several individual lost teeth. If you want to fill the gap left behind in your smile after losing a tooth, then a single tooth implant may be the right solution for you.

    The Dental Implant Procedure

    Dental implants are made up of several parts. The implant component is a metal post that is typically made of titanium, and it is implanted into the patient’s jawbone in place of the root of the missing tooth. Then, the jawbone is given time to heal and integrate with the dental implant. During this period of healing, the patient is provided with a temporary crown to wear. Once the surgical site has healed, a permanent crown is affixed to the top of the implant to provide the patient with a natural-looking and long-lasting dental restoration.

    The Evaluation Process

    Before beginning the dental implant process, your dentist will first evaluate your mouth and speak with you about your treatment goals. To determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure, your dentist will consider factors like the health of your teeth and gums, the location of the missing tooth, and the size and density of your jawbone. If you and your dentist determine that a single tooth implant is a good solution for your missing tooth, then your dentist will create a personalized treatment plan to begin the dental implant process.

  • You Could Be One Day Away from a More Beautiful Smile

    Today, many patients find that there is no need to spend countless hours undergoing cosmetic dentistry in Austin to obtain the smile that they desire. In fact, at Cloud Dental, we offer one-day smile makeover services that can leave you feeling more confident about your smile after a single office visit.

    If you hesitate to smile because of teeth that are stained, dull, gapped, chipped, or misshapen, then a one-day smile makeover may be right for you. At our office, we use CEREC® technology to create custom restorations in under 2 hours. To begin, your dentist will digitally image and map your teeth, and these images will then be used to fabricate your custom veneers or crowns. After the same-day restorations are ready, your dentist will put them in place, allowing you to leave the office with a more beautiful smile than when you arrived. To discover more about our one-day smile makeovers or same-day veneers and crowns, please visit our website.

  • Get Ready for Your Class Reunion with a One-Day Smile Makeover

    If your class reunion is coming up and you’re wishing you had done something about your smile sooner, you will be glad to know that it’s not too late to regain your confidence in your grin before the big day. With a One-Day Smile Makeover in Austin, TX , your dentist can dramatically change the appearance of your smile in a single appointment, so you can approach your reunion with confidence.

    Your cosmetic dentistry makeover will be customized to your needs, so you make the exact changes you want to your smile. Thanks to CEREC® technology, a range of cosmetic options, from veneers and bridges to crowns and even dental implants, can be crafted in as little as two hours right in the dentist office. Your dentist can then make the adjustments you want in the same visit, so you walk out with a different smile than you had when you came in, just in time for a big event.

  • What Are the Benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures?

    Dentures are a good option for restoring lost teeth, but they do have some drawbacks. Implant-retained dentures blend the best of both worlds from dentures and dental implants. If your dentist says you are a candidate for this kind of dentures in Austin, TX , and you are trying to decide if they are right for you, here is a look at the benefits.

    No Slippages

    One of the biggest concerns denture wearers have is that their dentures will slip while they are talking or eating. With implant-retained dentures, this worry is completely alleviated. Because the dentures are attached to implants than are securely anchored in the jaw, they are stable and reliable. You will be able to eat and speak with complete confidence, knowing that your dentures won’t slip.

    Less Cumbersome

    Traditional dentures have a large and bulky front and back that goes over your gums and covers a large portion of your palate or the lower interior of your mouth. These cumbersome pieces can affect the way you speak and may feel consistently uncomfortable every time you wear your dentures. Implant-retained dentures can be constructed to be much smaller and less bulky, since they don’t need that extra material to keep the dentures in place. For you, this means a much more comfortable fit, and none of the self-consciousness that can come from worrying about changes in your speech after getting dentures.

    More Comfort

    For many patients, implant-retained dentures are simply more comfortable. Because the implants that they are attached to offer support, the dentures are less abrasive to the gums, and there is no need to apply any kind of adhesive that can also cause irritation. There are fewer dietary restrictions, because the dentures are more stable, and look more like natural teeth, so patients who wear them have few aesthetic concerns than they do with traditional dentures. For many dentists and patients, implant-retained dentures are becoming the gold standard for denture care because of the increased comfort they provide.

  • FAQs About Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    Whether you are having problems with them or not, there is a good chance that your dentist will recommend that you have your wisdom teeth extracted. Wisdom teeth extractions are extremely common and safe, but many patients have questions about what to expect if they decide to have them removed. If you’re scheduled for a wisdom teeth extraction in Austin , here are the answers to some questions that may be on your mind.

    Why do I need to remove my teeth if I am not having any problems?

    Wisdom teeth do not have any real purpose, and they have the propensity to cause more harm than good. When they are not extracted, wisdom teeth may eventually cause pain because of the way they grow in. Likewise, they may not erupt from your jaw completely but instead create an opening in which food and bacteria can become trapped that can’t be effectively brushed. This can lead to infections, gum disease, and tooth decay. Extracting your wisdom teeth can prevent these problems from occurring.

    What happens during the extraction?

    Before you the extraction begins, you will receive anesthesia so that you are completely comfortable. The method your dentist uses to extract the teeth depends on whether they have erupted or not. In some cases, it is necessary to cut into the gum and remove the teeth from the jaw. Your dentist will tell you before your extraction if your teeth are erupted and what procedure he or she expects to use. You will need to bring someone with you to your dentist’s office because you will be unable to drive after the procedure.

    What is the recovery like?

    Your dentist will give you pain medications and, in some cases, antibiotics after the extraction. Most people need a few days of rest but are comfortable managing their pain with the prescribed medications. Your dentist will advise you what you will need to avoid as your mouth heals and when you can return to eating normal foods.