Professional Teeth Whitening in Austin, TX

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Cosmetic dentistry in Austin offers a dental makeover that can help you enjoy a brighter, healthier smile, and teeth whitening is among the most popular. The professionals at Cloud Dental have undergone specialized training in order to be able to provide you with the highest quality teeth whitening treatments possible. This type of cosmetic dentistry procedure is like dental bonding because it comes with a range of benefits that are desirable for people of all ages.

How Teeth Whitening Can Help You

A discolored smile can be difficult to live with, but teeth whitening treatment can bring your smile back to life. This can leave you with more confidence than ever and improve your self-esteem. Read on for a closer look at how teeth whitening can help.

  • Improving Your Confidence. A bright white smile is a desirable trait for anyone, and teeth whitening treatment can give you exactly that. People tend to notice each other’s smiles almost immediately, so it helps to have a smile that you are always happy to show off. If you are self-conscious about your smile, talk to your dentist to find out how teeth whitening treatment can help. Keep in mind that the teeth whitening procedure that your dentist offers will be more effective than other whitening alternatives.

  • Reversing Discoloration. Your enamel is strong, but it’s not impervious to the foods and beverages that you consume. If you tend to drink a few cups of coffee or glasses of wine each day, you might find these drinks staining your teeth. The same can happen when you regularly eat strongly colored foods like berries or use tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco. The good news is that the team at Cloud Dental can help reverse this tooth discoloration with the help of teeth whitening treatment.

Undergoing Teeth Whitening Treatment

Today’s teeth whitening treatments come in many different forms. You can find toothpastes that have whitening properties, or you could look for whitening trays you can use at home. If you want to make sure your teeth whitening treatment is as safe and effective as possible, however, it’s a good idea to visit your cosmetic dentistry practice. The techniques and materials that your dentist use will be more efficient than at-home practices like toothpastes and trays.

Professional teeth whitening in Austin can allow you to enjoy the smile that you have always wanted, and the team at Cloud Dental can make it happen. Feel free to call us at (512) 351-4080 to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry dental care and find out how we can help you today. Our dental implant surgeon can assist you with inserting replacement teeth like permanent dental implants, dental veneers and dentures.

Why Choose Us

  • Highly trained, passionate and caring professionals will be taking care of your dental needs at Cloud Dental.
  • Since Dr. Samani is highly skilled in various aspects of dentistry, almost all procedures are done by him and at Cloud Dental.
  • Majority of our dental implant procedures are first designed with computer software in order to make a surgical guide. This will ensure precise placement by means of performing minimally invasive surgery which tranlates to a more comfortable recovery, faster healing time and not to mention, less time spent in the chair!
  • Broken tooth/crown? We are able to deliver your permanent crown in ONE visit, using our CAD/CAM technology.
  • Having the most advanced 3D digital technology (CT Scan and CAD/CAM) has allowed us to perform complicated dental surgeries with confidence because we're able to evaluate the volume of bone in 3D and visualize vital structures before the start of the procedure.
  • We offer complimentary consultation (including xray) for you to find out if you're a candidate for dental implants.