Dental Implants in Austin, TX

The Solution for Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can not only take away from the appearance of your smile, but they can pose problems for your oral health as well. Therefore, it is important to seek a dental implant surgeon to restore missing teeth and preserve the integrity of your new smile rejuvenation. Permanaent dental implants are often recommended over other cosmetic dentistry techniques like bridges, veneers, crowns, and dentures, because teeth implants actually attach to the jawbone to reduce bone loss and improve the function of the new prosthetic teeth on the surface. If you are considering dental implant services to restore your smile, Cloud Dental can provide the most advanced dental implant surgery and dental care in Austin to help you see beautiful, long-lasting results with new teeth in 1 day and all on 4 dental implants.

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How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants consist of three parts: Artificial tooth roots made from titanium implants, artificial crowns crafted from a porcelain crown or ceramic crown and a connector that’s called Abutment. The implants are screwed into the bone below the gum line, filling in the space that the natural tooth root once occupied. With dental implants, you may restore just one tooth with a single crown, or you might have bridges anchored with two or more implants to cover a larger area of your smile. Dental implants can even serve as an alternative to dentures, offering greater convenience and function than these removable oral appliances.

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What to Expect in Your Treatment

Because permanent full mouth implants need to heal completely before restorations can be placed in the mouth, the treatment process does take several weeks. However, replacement teeth do not require extensive special maintenance to keep in good shape, and they function just like your natural teeth, so the initial investment in your care can pay off in the long run. Below, you’ll get a closer look at the steps involved in treatment to help you prepare for your teeth implants.

  • Planning and imaging – At Cloud Dental, our cosmetic dentists use 3D cone beam imaging to get the most clear and accurate map of your teeth and jawbone. This simplifies the surgical process thanks to our advanced Cerec Omnicam that captures a 3D model of your dentition. By combining these 2 sets of data, we’re able to offer a minimally invasive approach by which, most dental implant procedures can be performed without the need for sutures. This can be translated to less time on the chair and less post surgery pain and discomfort. We can do an upper dental implant set or lower dental implant set depending on your needs.
  • The surgery – Dental implant surgery takes place after the area is thoroughly anesthetized, might involve tooth extractions and it is performed right in our office. After surgery, you may have some swelling and tenderness (just like any other surgical procedure) and our oral surgeons will make sure proper medications are prescribed to help you get through the post operative discomfort.
  • Crown placement – Once healing time is over (usually about 3-4 months) and the implants have completely integrated into the jawbone, permanent crowns are created to be fixed securely in place for a long-lasting, healthy, complete smile restoration.

To schedule a FREE consultation to see your cosmetic dentistry options (including X-rays) with one of our teeth implant dentists at our dental implant center, call us today at (512) 351-4080! Our family dental practice in Austin offers a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services, from dental care to smile makeovers and restorative treatments. (Cloud Dental is a private dental practice owned by our dental surgeon, Dr. Hooman Samani and is not affiliated with any corporations)

Why Choose Us

  • Highly trained, passionate and caring professionals will be taking care of your dental needs at Cloud Dental.
  • Since Dr. Samani is highly skilled in various aspects of dentistry, almost all procedures are done by him and at Cloud Dental.
  • Majority of our dental implant procedures are first designed with computer software in order to make a surgical guide. This will ensure precise placement by means of performing minimally invasive surgery which tranlates to a more comfortable recovery, faster healing time and not to mention, less time spent in the chair!
  • Broken tooth/crown? We are able to deliver your permanent crown in ONE visit, using our CAD/CAM technology.
  • Having the most advanced 3D digital technology (CT Scan and CAD/CAM) has allowed us to perform complicated dental surgeries with confidence because we're able to evaluate the volume of bone in 3D and visualize vital structures before the start of the procedure.
  • We offer complimentary consultation (including xray) for you to find out if you're a candidate for dental implants.