Get Ready for Your Class Reunion with a One-Day Smile Makeover

If your class reunion is coming up and you’re wishing you had done something about your smile sooner, you will be glad to know that it’s not too late to regain your confidence in your grin before the big day. With a One-Day Smile Makeover in Austin, TX , your dentist can dramatically change the appearance of your smile in a single appointment, so you can approach your reunion with confidence.

Your cosmetic dentistry makeover will be customized to your needs, so you make the exact changes you want to your smile. Thanks to CEREC® technology, a range of cosmetic options, from veneers and bridges to crowns and even dental implants, can be crafted in as little as two hours right in the dentist office. Your dentist can then make the adjustments you want in the same visit, so you walk out with a different smile than you had when you came in, just in time for a big event.

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