FAQs and Answers About CEREC®

Tooth damage can be caused by sudden trauma, poor oral hygiene, or a number of other factors. As you are comparing the relative benefits of veneers and crowns, you may want to talk to your family dentistry professional about the advantages of a CEREC® crown procedure. The CEREC® method is a dental crown procedure that is much more effective and long-lasting than a conventional dental veneer or other, more traditional cosmetic dentistry procedure. Read on for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about CEREC®. tooth - restoration

How Do CEREC ® Restorations Work?

CEREC® restorations rely on advanced, fully computerized technology to allow your dentist to complete a restoration from start to finish. Your dentist will be sent close-up, digital images of your damaged tooth. Using these pictures, your dentist can use the CEREC® software and milling technology to create a customized crown that fits perfectly over your natural tooth. Using the unique dimensions of your tooth, CEREC® restorations guarantee a perfect fit.

What Are the Different Applications for CEREC® Restorations?

CEREC® restoration technology has been proven to be effective for many of the most common cosmetic dentistry restorations. If you have been considering porcelain veneers, for example, your dentist may recommend that you receive CEREC® veneers instead. Your dentist can also use CEREC® technology to craft bridges, crowns, and tooth inlays. One of the major benefits of a CEREC® restoration is that this type of procedure can be accomplished much more quickly than a fully handcrafted restoration.

Will I Be Satisfied with the Results of My CEREC® Restoration?

In certain cases, patients are concerned that their CEREC® restorations will not be as aesthetically pleasing as a hand-crafted veneer, bridge, or crown. You can, however, expect that your CEREC® restoration will be just as appealing and durable as a hand-crafted product. The CEREC® system has been carefully engineered to provide patients with gorgeous results that are fully comparable to handcrafted tooth restorations. After your CEREC® procedure is finished, you are guaranteed to love your smile.

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