How Does CEREC® Work?

CEREC® stands for Ceramic Reconstruction, and your family dental practice can use it to restore your smile. This makes it easier than ever to receive crowns and dental veneers near Austin. If you have never heard of this technology before and you’re wondering if it could benefit you, be sure to talk to your dentist. You will start by having a consultation with your dental health professional to discuss your crown or dental veneer treatment. Then your dentist will use imaging techniques to make a model of your teeth before crafting and placing your restoration. Keep reading to learn more about how CEREC® works. veneers - crowns

Getting Ready

If you think you might benefit from a veneer, dental crown, or similar type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, the first step is to talk to your dentist. Your dentist will discuss your options with you and work to figure out the ideal treatment plan. When it’s been decided that a veneer or crown is what it takes to improve your smile, your dentist will begin by preparing your tooth. Some of your tooth enamel will need to be removed in order to place a dental crown or a veneer.

Creating a Model

Most of today’s dentists have access to high tech imaging equipment. This means it’s no longer necessary to make a wax mold, and instead your dentist will use cameras to take pictures of the inside of your mouth. Before the crown or veneer can be created, the dentist will create a 3-dimensional model out of these images. Now, you’re both ready for the milling machine.

Milling, Staining, and Placement

Dentists use a milling machine to shape ceramic into your new veneers or crowns. During this part of the process, your professional will meticulously craft your restoration and make sure that the color matches your natural teeth. When you are happy with the color of your veneer or crown, it’s time for the final polish. Now all that’s left to do is complete the restoration by securing it in place. Remember to take care of your CEREC crown or veneer for best results.

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