Common Questions About Six Month Smiles®

If you want to enjoy a brand-new smile and you’d like to experience your results quickly, you might be interested in learning about Six Month Smiles®. These are a special type of braces serving Austin that don’t take as long as many other options. As long as you visit a reputable family dentistry practice , treatment should be comfortable and effective. It should indeed only take six months to complete, but it’s your responsibility to maintain your results. Here are the answers to some common questions about Six Month Smiles®. six - month

Is Six Month Smiles® treatment comfortable?

Many dental patients find Six Month Smiles® treatment surprisingly comfortable. While the purpose is the same as traditional braces, this procedure uses low forces to gently move your teeth into position. These kinds of braces aren’t just physically comfortable—they can also make you more comfortable and confident in yourself. In contrast to older models of braces that were large and clunky, Six Month Smiles® braces are nice and discreet.

How long does it really take?

When you sign up for Six Month Smiles®, you can realistically expect to enjoy your results in that amount of time. Not every case is exactly the same, however, so your treatment might be a little longer or shorter. Keep in mind that certain habits and setbacks can extend the length of your treatment. Try to quit using tobacco products and be extra careful to protect your face from trauma while you’re going through Six Month Smiles® treatment.

Can I maintain my results?

No matter what kind of braces or orthodontic treatment you take on, you should do what you can to keep your teeth in place afterwards. Without this maintenance, your teeth may shift back to their original positions. Then you’ll have to undergo another stint with braces in order to enjoy your improved smile once again. Once you’re finished with your Six Month Smiles® braces treatment, your dentist will fit you with a retainer. Make sure you wear this retainer regularly so you can keep your newly fixed smile looking as beautiful as possible.

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