A Look at Common Causes of Toothaches

No matter why your teeth hurt, you should see your dental care professional as soon as you notice symptoms. It’s also helpful to know if you need to see an emergency dentist in Austin or if you should be taking care of your oral health differently. Watch this video for a look at common causes of toothaches.

A toothache isn’t something you should ignore. While there are many potential causes of a toothache, the number one culprit is tooth decay. This can make your teeth sensitive to temperature as well as how sweet or sour something is. Alternatively, your toothache might be a result of an infection in your tooth, in which case a root canal may be the appropriate treatment. Gum disease, damaged fillings, and fractured teeth can also lead to toothaches. Regardless of what might be causing your toothache, talk to your emergency dentist if the pain doesn’t stop.

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