How Does Fluoride Fight Cavities?

From the time you’re a child, you’re taught that dental care helps to prevent oral health problems like cavities, so you should brush, floss, and remember to see your dentist. Fighting tooth decay can even help you keep your teeth rather than lose them to tooth extractions near Austin in the future, and fluoride is one of the best weapons. Check out this video to find out how fluoride fights cavities.

You can get fluoride from toothpaste, water, or your dentist, but you might not see the point without understanding how important it is. Fluoride combines with sodium and other positively charged ions to create compounds that make your enamel stronger. When you eat carbs, the bacteria in your mouth feed too, giving way to acids that go straight for your enamel. Fluoride gets into your enamel during remineralization and creates an extra line of defense.

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